League of Courteous Cyclists

Hey guys! I want to reprint the League of Courteous Cyclists shirts! (It’s the most requested thing I have ever made, I think.) They’ll be in the shop in time for holiday orders at the very latest, and probably before. I’ll put them up at a discount for preorder, but I want to gauge interest before I start anything.

Would you want to get one? Should I print it in a different color than the red? Would you rather have a normal tee, or would you want a longsleeve or hoodie? (Winter is coming, after all)

I’m reluctant to print babydolls since it’ll prolly be a pretty small order it’s usually safer for me to stick to unisex, but if enough people request it, I’ll add it as an option. (For reference: a tee or babydoll will probably be around $15-20, a long sleeve shirt would be more like $25, and a hoodie would prolly be around $40.)

Feel free to leave other suggestions in the comments, too, like if there are any other things you’d like to see on a tee. I’ve been thinking the Pancakes and the Pokémon butcher charts might make fun shirt designs!

Voting is closed! Thanks for all the input. I’ll have the preorder product up shortly!