So! I have a Kickstarter now. Kickstarters are cool.

Basically, now that the last story in Shuteye is finished, I’m ready to compile them into a tasty little graphic novel. Months ago, as I was getting ready to start pencilling issue #6, I was complaining to a friend that I didn’t know how to finish off the series. That it felt like I used to have an idea for a brilliant way to tie everything together, but it was lost in the fog of my brain. Later that very same afternoon, I opened up an old issue of Readymade magazine I had lying around, and a piece of paper fell out of it. A piece of paper with notes on it for how I wanted to finish off the series! Fortuitous! And even more fortuitous, the ideas in the notes did not suck!

So the finished book is going to be lovely – it’s going to be 6×9, in brown inks, hopefully with a soft felted and debossed cover like the Ouija Interviews. It’s going to have several pages of epilogue that ties the end of the sixth story back into the first one. There’ll be special prints, pen & ink drawings, and watercolors available for anyone that wants to contribute at different levels. I’m really excited about this project, and I’m going to be posting updates to the process here and on Twitter, Facebook, and probably even Google +. Check it out, and feel free to ask me any questions!