A series of six darkly intimate comics: stories woven together with the thick fibers of dreams, powerfully real, yet entirely imagined.

Estimated Release Date for the Graphic Novel: February 2012.

The first tale, Vea, is about a soldier who deserts his company and finds himself adopted by a native tribe in the Banda Oriental. His new friends, however, harbor a mysterious secret. Why does the landscape appear different each morning? How does the village reorder itself every night? And why can’t he seem to find anyone he recognizes from one day to the next?

The second story, The Liar, concerns a drifter who stops in a provincial neighborhood bar and starts spinning lies for the bartender – lies which end up having surprising consequences.

Night and Day is something of a love story. It’s about a young couple on an extended hiking trip through the northern Midwest who happen upon a strange, abandoned house in the middle of the forest, and find themselves strangely drawn to it.

In Carrefour, an isolated man who finds himself drifting uncontrollably in and out of a chilling recurring nightmare, haunted by a menacing figure who traverses both his dreams and his waking life.

Castling is about a college student and her estranged, unreliable father, and their tenuous reconnection after they swap dreams one night.

In The Fetch, an overworked and overextended young man is being pulled in all directions. Then one day, his doppelganger mysteriously arrives, offering a much-needed helping hand.

These stories are very loosely connected – it’s not a continuous linear story, but each tale ends with a character falling asleep, only to wake up as the protagonist of the following story, remembering the previous tale as nothing more than a dream. The finished book will also have an epilogue, several new pages of story that will tie the end of the last story back into the beginning of the first.

The first two stories are available to read online:


The Liar

And the Shuteye minicomics (along with sample pages, and my other comics) are available for purchase at Shortpants Press.

Praise for Shuteye:

“Becan withholds Shuteye’s secrets so as not to deny you the pleasure of spending long, rewarding hours solving them for yourself.”

– PopMatters

“Simple, but very well told, and the art (as well as the silkscreened covers) is quite bonus.”

– Bull Tongue, Arthur no.25

“You might need to pick up Shuteye more than once before the subterfuge comes to light.”

– Punk Planet, #76

“…another perfect example of what mini-comics can do so well. In just over 50 pages, Becan creates a tight, engrossing story of love and insecurity. … stands alone as one of the finest story-based minis I’ve read in some time.”

– Shawn Hoke, Size Matters

“the story is a wholly original and interesting take on comic-book horror. Overall this book is a dark but seemingly innocuous comic that’s poised to win fans, especially from the DIY crowd.”

– PlaybackSTL